Apple Watch


AppleWatch is an accessory & watchband delivery company, specialized in offering some of the most beautiful and trendy attachments for your AppleWatch. However, what makes them even more unique, are their impressive discounts and shipping times (with guaranteed arrival in 48 hours or less all around Mexico).

Their problem

Due to their constant discounts and an inventory that is always being renewed, what they needed is to bring all of this information in a way that only their social media could. And not only that, but they also needed to present it all in a way that made them look “trendy”, fashionable to their target audience and with enough quality content for those who already had an Apple Watch to incentivize them to buy accessories for them.

Target audience: “Apple junkies”, or people who already own an Apple Watch and other Apple products, but want constant content which gives them tips and tricks to use them better. And naturally, they also want confirmation not only of their “coolness”, but of how great their accessories would look on their watches.

Main goals

  • Generate content that raises the brand’s awareness

  • Direct more attention to the website to increase its sales

  • Keep the audience up to date with new promotions and discounts

Our solution

The needs of the brand also required a comprehensive approach to the “sales funnel“, but with several fundamental points to consider. So after implementing the organic content strategy and directing them to the page, a whole new strategy was created for anyone who left the cart “abandoned” without buying any product. So by using the channels and tools where we knew they´ll have visibility for each individual user, we offered content with discounts, new products and benefits to re-incentivize the user to enter the website and buy.

The results

  • 433,462 Impressions

  • 5,595 Visits to e-commerce shop since intervention

  • 48 Confirmed sales since intervention



(Data collected from: Facebook and Instagram from the last 120 days from paid media campaigns)

“Growth is never by mere chance; It is the result of forces working together”

James Cash Penney