Yummy Fit


Yummy Fit Meals is a unique, passionate meal prep delivery services company located in the heart of L.A., and dedicated to bring the best of nutrition and accessibility under one single concept: that “whatever your health goals are, you can achieve them without anything standing in your way”.

Their problem

Essentially, they were looking to “up their social media game”. They already had a strong influencer community around the brand to work it, but they still needed quality content and carefully-planned strategies to tap to the very core of their soon-to-be brand advocates.

Target audience: “Fitness junkies’. In other words, very physically active adults, happy to share their motivations and lifestyle online, mainly between 25-34, all of them with a very demanding and strict lifestyle (which means, not having enough time to prep their meals as they would hope).

Main goals

  • Direct attention to the web page to increase sales

  • Increase social media traffic & brand awareness

  • Generate a fixed rate of online content to grow the brand´s reach

The results

  • 215,880 Impressions

  • 13,273 Interactions

  • 2,523 Reactions

  • 112 Confirmed sales since intervention

  • 55% Increase of sales as a direct result of our campaigns (Month of January)


(Data collected from: Facebook and Instagram from the last 30 days)

“Growth is never by mere chance; It is the result of forces working together”

James Cash Penney